“Occupy Ya’ll Street”

September 30, 2011 - The guys learn about welfare from Mr. EBT himself, go camping with AnimalNYC’s Bucky Turco at the #occupyWallStreet protests, TJ learns how to rap and Tux explains why Obama isn’t really Black.

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“Steve Jobs and Wall St. Mobs”
October 6th, 2011 - If it weren’t for Steve Jobs, TJ and The Tux couldn’t have watched live streams of Wall St battles between cops and protesters on their iPhones. Foxy Knoxy’s Free from her Italian prison cell, Hank Williams Jr was framed, Palin and Christie are out of the 2012 race, and The Tux interviews Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian on the concept behind, and misunderstandings about, one of the hottest internet news sites. The feature artist for this week is Austrian electro songwriter Effi.  Look for his music here.

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2:00 - the guys compare Steve Jobs to Leonardo Da Vinci
2:30 - he gave more people the ability to document protests
5:00 - “do you think he was trying to give apple a bump like when musicians die and record sales go through the roof” - tux
12:20 - tux gets hit by a car
13:46 - tjs first world problems
19:00 - “that sounds like a list of first world problems” followed by English accent mockery of TJ
21:34 tux - if sarah palin was a James bond character her name would be publicity galore
29:25 - tux talks Obama killing American citizens without trial or evidence
30:31- “it gotten to the point wherethe president tells you someone is a bad guy and you’re not supposed to question it and it absolutely Ridiculous” - tux
32:00 - tux - “dick Cheney deserves an apology”
33:00 - #OccupyWallStreet segment
34:39 - #OccupyWallStreet banter
38:09 - tux protest rant about police overtime pay and independent journalism then calls out media for false reports about the protesters
39:52 - TJ rants about occupy wall street - live streams impacting news like body bags in Vietnam on tv pulled people out to protest. Media has changed again. 
41:41 - TJ compares ows to the tea party movement. 
42:58 - tux ows must be careful the movement doesn’t get hijacked
45:03 - tux Herman Cain rant
47:21 - tux - reddit founder Alexis ohanian interview
49:08 - Alexis Ohanian speaks about the role reddit has in society and in the occupy wall street protests. 
1:00:55 - reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian responds to Anderson Cooper’s hit piece accusing reddit of peddling child pornaography 
1:03:42 - more shocking more awesome
1:04:40 - “if you love the troops so much then get them the fuck out of harms way…” - Tux
1:10:23 - the guys try to figure out how to use your hands to remove your eyeballs